Our People

Portek considers its people its most important assets. It is our people that will ensure that value is delivered by Portek to all its stakeholders: customers, partners and suppliers. shareholders.

“Dedicated to Delivering Value” – – this is the ethos which Portek seeks to cultivate in the hearts and minds of all its employees. And judging by the feedback we get from our stakeholders, we believe we are doing quite a good job at this. One of the main reasons for our people dedication is that many of the people who work in Portek are also its people. Our people hail from various backgrounds. Our management team is staffed by people with engineering, finance and accounting backgrounds. Our frontline engineers themselves are specialists in their particular fields of power electronics, digital controls or civil, structural and mechanical engineering. Their knowledge is multi-disciplinary and have been trained to approach a problem, not just from the narrow perspective of their own specialty, but also from different angles of various disciplines. Similarly, our sales, marketing and terminal operations staff are equally versed in thinking “outside the box” and delivering innovative solutions to all our stakeholders. Helping us develop and spearhead our strategic marketing and expansion efforts are our Group Business Development Advisors. For a profile of these key members of the Portek family, please see below.

For a knowledge driven company, continuity of people is key to success. Here in Portek, we make a conscious attempt to renew ourselves. This means nurturing the younger employees and giving them responsibilities to keep them challenged. The pioneering spirit is maintained and passed on. New business directions are charted, and new market territories explored. This way, we ensure that our employees’ are able to realize their own career and personal development potential and, ultimately, ensuring that Portek remains “Dedicated to Delivering Value”.

Portek International Board of Directors

Takao Omori (Chief Executive Officer)Mr. Omori joined the Portek Group in October 2011 as the CEO. He is responsible for strategic planning and expansion of Portek’s current business lines. He focuses on development of the Group’s new services or market, co-working with Mitsui’s global business platform.Mr. Omori joined the Transport & Logistics Division of Mitsui in 1985 and has broad experience in supply chain management, logistics infrastructure development and transportation network optimisation.
Mr. Omori holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He enjoys sailing and marine activities.
Tok Soon Chong (Chief Technical Officer)Mr. Tok joined the Group on 1 October 1997. He is currently the Technical Director and Managing Director of Portek Systems & Equipment Pte Ltd, the main port equipment engineering subsidiary of the Group. Mr. Tok is actively involved in Group-wide development of Portek’s core competencies in crane engineering, computer and communication capability and plays a key role in project budgeting and control, management of crane projects and coordination of resources, including on-site supervision of major projects. Mr. Tok holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (First Class Honours) degree and a Master of Science (Mechanical) degree from the National University of Singapore.
Shigeki Kanamori (Chief Operating Officer)Mr. Kanamori joined the Portek Group in October 2011 as the COO. He is responsible for strengthening the current port operations of Portek and expanding its portfolio.By collaborating with the resources of Mitsui, he focuses on port development with new services, mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures with strategic partners and investors.He joined Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 1991, assigned to the IT & Electronics business unit where he was responsible for investments, merger & acquisitions and distribution. In 2009, he was assigned to the Logistics & Infrastructure division, and was instrumental in the acquisition of Portek in Aug 2011.
Mr. Kanamori holds a Bachelor of Law from Waseda University, Japan.
Kazuchika Shiihara (Chief Financial Officer)Mr. Shiihara joined the Portek Group in December 2011 as the CFO. He is responsible for the financial & strategic management accounting, asset liability management and tax savings & funding efficiency policies of the Portek Group. He was previously accountable for transforming Mitsui India into a Profit CenterHe holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree, Osaka City University in Japan and keeps a motto of “One for All, All for One” derived from the Rugger Men’s Spirit and likes the word of “Serendipity” of which origin means “No Effort No Chance”.
Ooi Boon Hoe (Chief Administrative Officer)Mr. Ooi joined the Group on 1 July 2002 as Director of Operations. He is responsible for formulating and implementation of the Group’s operating, compliance, human resource and strategic planning systems. Mr. Ooi holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) (First Class Honours) degree, University of London, and is also a graduate of the College Interarmee de Defense, Paris, France.
Tsutomu Hakeda (Chief Marketing Officer) Mr.Hakeda joined the Portek Group in March 2013 as the CMO.  He focuses on development of the Group’s new strategies, improves efficiencies and expands its businesses with his knowledge and experience in transportation, logistics and shipping businesses.  Mr.Hakeda joined Marine Transport Business Div. of Nippon Express Co. Ltd. HQ in 1985, and has vast experience in Harbor Transportation businesses development, Import & Export Logistics, Coastal shipping services. He has also gained valuable exposure not only in Japanese ports but also in the Port of Los Angeles/ Long Beach, largest gateway port in USA.  Mr. Hakeda holds a Bachelor of Mercantile Marine Science, Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine.
Haruhisa Iida (Non-Executive Director)Mr. Iida joined the Group in October 2011 as a non-executive director. He is currently General Manager of Logistics Infrastructure Division of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Mitsui) and is responsible for all of Mitsui’s global logistics related infrastructure development business.Mr. Iida holds a Master of Engineering (Science and Engineering) degree from the Waseda University of Japan. He has been working for Mitsui since 1984 and has broad experiences in infrastructure project development, such as power, energy, petrochemical, industrial, and other projects including logistics infrastructure.
Tsuyoshi Kamihira (Non-Executive Director)Mr. Kamihira joined the Group in October 2011 as a non-executive director. He is currently General Manager of the Asia Department of Logistics Infrastructure Division of Mitsui, and responsible for all of Mitsui’s logistics related infrastructure development business in Asia-Pacific region (excluding China).Mr. Kamihira holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Waseda University of Japan. He has been working for Mitsui since 1986 and has experiences in working in Thailand and India, and also broad expertise related with logistics business field (including logistics infrastructure project development).