Corporate Citizenship

Even as we are fully engaged in our business activities and taking care of our stakeholders (our customers, employees and shareholders), we try to play our part in corporate citizenship and embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR). For us, this means having a heart for the less fortunate in our society, and showing concerns for the fragile environment we are living in. Having business presence in many developing countries, particularly in the African continent, we certainly see much scope for us to be involved in various aspects of social responsibility. And as our Group grow, we believe that we can step up our involvement and make a bigger contribution in CSR in future. Following are some CSR activities we have been involved in from time to time.


Supply Chain CSR Policy

Our company is earnestly conducting our business in a way that measures up to the trust and expectation of our stakeholders including shareholders, business associates and employees as well as consumers and local communities.

Building a supply chain that promotes CSR is a team effort. We sincerely ask for our business partner’s (partners’ ) understanding and cooperation in complying with the Portek’s Supply Chain CSR Policy. Our Supply Chain CSR Policy is identical to that adopted throughput Mitsui & Co.,Ltd.