Global Contractor Selection Policy

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CONTRACTOR shall develop, implement an Occupational Health & Safety Policy based on the principle that strong health and safety and health standards and corporate performance are mutually supportive and reinforcing, and shall communicate and maintain it with employees and stakeholders.



CONTRACTOR shall implement a management system that meets their own occupational health and safety requirements and is consistent with and applicable to the requirements of relevant national and/or international codes and standards. The management system shall cover all areas of operations, including the work performed by CONTRACTOR and its subcontractors and all interfaces between CONTRACTOR and its subcontractors, and shall be fully informed of and able to provide evidence of compliance with occupational health and safety laws and applicable regulations. It must be able to provide evidence of compliance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations. The management system must also include a continuous improvement program.



CONTRACTOR shall comply with and prevent violations of all applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations regarding its products, operations, activities, personnel, and environment. CONTRACTOR’s management shall be well informed of the laws relevant to their area of business and shall continuously monitor their development.



CONTRACTOR shall ensure physical and mental working conditions that allow employees to perform their work safely and efficiently. CONTRACTOR shall have risk assessment procedures for occupational health and safety, including hazard identification, evaluation, mitigation, and prevention. Preventive measures shall include, for example, safety instructions, work procedures, preventive maintenance, employee training, appropriate safety equipment, personal protective equipment, hearing protection, chemical control, machine protection, etc. CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all workers respect and always apply safe practices and procedures. CONTRACTOR shall designate a person and/or his/her coverage responsible for the occupational health of its employees and shall ensure that the necessary resources are available.

CONTRACTOR shall also be responsible for the occupational health of its employees working outside of its establishment (e.g., on the premises of a client facility). This responsibility extends to part-time and temporary workers hired or subcontracted by CONTRACTOR.



CONTRACTOR shall take all necessary security measures to prevent risk of loss, theft, sabotage, vandalism, or other damage.



CONTRACTOR shall ensure that its employees have the education, training, and competence necessary for their positions and jobs and are aware of the policies, rights, and responsibilities associated with performing their jobs.

CONTRACTOR shall ensure that its own employees and indirect employees, including subcontractors, comply with these requirements on a regular or as- needed basis and shall maintain records of employees’ technical qualifications, certifications, and training.



CONTRACTOR will ensure that all personnel have the right to stop work from starting or to interrupt work in progress if they believe it is dangerous and there is an imminent risk of injury and shall have procedures in place for this purpose.



CONTRACTOR shall have and maintain a work permit and approval process for high hazard work. Work authorizations and permit modifications shall be made by an authority designated by CONTRACTOR’s management.

High hazard work includes, but is not limited to, hot work, confined space entry, work at height, electrical work, excavation and trenching, diving work, and isolation and lockout of hazardous energy sources. The Authority shall be notified of the start, stop, and end of work. As a rule, unplanned work should not be performed, and if unavoidable, it should be performed under strict supervision.



CONTRACTOR is responsible for ensuring that all employees mobilized to the workplace and where work is to be performed are medically, physically, and mentally fit to perform their assigned duties. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for medical welfare and shall plan for medical consultation, treatment, and hospitalization, including routine physical examinations, as necessary.



CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the fitness for duty of its employees. Illness or disability, and fatigue affecting job performance, should be reported prior to the start of work and there shall be a procedure for employees to report this.

Employees must not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and CONTRACTOR is responsible for ensuring that employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job. Have procedures in place to suspend work temporarily or permanently in the event of noncompliance.



CONTRACTOR shall have procedures to ensure that all incidents and events, including safety observations (e.g., occupational accidents, near misses, unsafe conditions or activities, property damage, environmental damage, etc.). are promptly reported and recorded. It shall have procedures to ensure that deaths and disabilities are communicated to Portek within six (6) hours.

CONTRACTOR is required to formulate and operate a system to analyse reported accidents/events and formulate and implement corrective and preventive measures. In addition, information on near misses and hazardous conditions that did not lead to accidents should be actively collected and analysed to deter the occurrence of future accidents.



CONTRACTOR is required to develop and maintain an emergency response plan for possible adverse events such as occupational accidents, fire, widespread natural disasters, social unrest, and terrorism.

CONTRACTOR shall also provide a sufficient number of first aid providers and establish or maintain a sufficient number of first aid facilities, depending on the scope of work and existing risks.



CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all employees communicate in a safe, clear, and effective manner. It is essential that written, visual, and verbal instructions be given to and understood by workers from the management and supervisory levels and individually among all parties involved.

CONTRACTOR shall specify requirements for communication among multinational workers and shall ensure that each worker uses a common language or has an interpreter.



CONTRACTOR shall periodically report health and safety metrics as required by Portek and/or its affiliates. These may include working hours, accident and incident rates, number of health and safety trainings and meetings, number of audits and findings, waste, and energy statistics, etc., and may include historical data depending on the nature of the report. At parties’ own costs, Portek and its affiliates may also conduct their own or third-party audits as necessary to measure and evaluate CONTRACTORS’ health and safety performance, compliance with laws and regulations, and response to accidents and events.



CONTRACTOR shall develop and maintain a human rights protection policy for their company. This policy shall be based at a minimum on Mitsui Global Group’s Human Rights Policy and internationally recognized principles of respect for human rights, namely the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

It shall be communicated to employees, and procedures shall be in place for reporting, discussing, and conciliating in the event of any misconduct.




CONTRACTOR” shall have the same meaning with vendor, supplier, service provider, contractor, seller and shall include their personnel, employee, agent, subcontractor, and/or subcontractor’s personnel, which contracted or commissioned to carry out operations or works, in particular which involves manual labor, within Portek’s office(s), designated site(s), delivery address(es), premise(s), establishment(s), warehouse(s), terminal(s), vessel(s), and/or such other workplace(s) which are under Portek’s and/or its Affiliates’ control and/or access,

Employees” shall include any workmen or personnel or agent, be it employed permanently or temporarily or ad-hoc basis.

Portek’s affiliates” shall include Mitsui Global Group and their affiliates.