Our People

Portek Board of Directors

Portek considers its people its most important assets. It is its people who will ensure that value is delivered by Portek to all its stakeholders: customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders.

“Dedicated to Delivering Value” – – this is the ethos which Portek seeks to cultivate in the hearts and minds of all its employees. And judging by the feedback we get from our stakeholders, we believe we are doing quite a good job at this. One of the main reasons for our people’s dedication is that many of the people who work in Portek are also its people. Our people hail from various backgrounds. Our management team is staffed by people with engineering, finance and accounting backgrounds. Our frontline engineers themselves are specialists in their particular fields of power electronics, digital controls or civil, structural and mechanical engineering. Their knowledge is multi-disciplinary and the staff have been trained to approach a problem, not just from the narrow perspective of their own specialty, but also from different angles of various disciplines. Similarly, our sales, marketing and terminal operations staff are equally versed in thinking “outside the box” and delivering innovative solutions to all our stakeholders. Helping us develop and spearhead our strategic marketing and expansion efforts are our Group Business Development Advisors. For a profile of these key members of the Portek family, please see below.

For a knowledge driven company, continuity of people is key to success. Here at Portek, we make a conscious attempt to renew ourselves. This means nurturing the younger employees and giving them responsibilities to keep them challenged. The pioneering spirit is maintained and passed on. New business directions are charted and new market territories are explored. This way, we ensure that our employees are able to realise their own career and personal development and ultimately, ensuring that Portek remains “Dedicated to Delivering Value”.

Portek International Board of Directors

Eiichi Uriu (Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer & Chief Marketing Officer)
Mr Uriu was appointed as the CEO of the Portek Group on 19th July 2019. In February 2021, he was also appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer, in charge of Group Business Development Unit which is a centralised unit to market Portek’s Port Engineering, Port Management & IT expertise coupled with Mitsui’s financial capability and network. Mr Uriu was previously the CEO of Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal Ltd in Haneda, Tokyo. Throughout his professional career, he was involved in a broad range of business in the field of international logistics, including projects and air cargo transportation, development and investments in logistics related real estate properties, development and operation of logistics infrastructure projects such as ports and airports. Mr. Uriu received his Bachelor Degree in Political Science in 1987 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA and completed Wharton AMP, University of Pennsylvania, USA in 2012.
Liew Kok Leong (Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer)
Mr Liew joined the Portek Group in September 2004. He was previously the Chief Marketing Officer, in charge of Portek’s Group Business Development Unit. In January 2021, he was appointed as the Chief Technical Officer, leading Portek’s Group Engineering & Technology Unit which is responsible to pursue potential Engineering Projects from Small and Medium sized private terminals and provide technical support to Group Business Development Unit in pursuing potential Port Concession Projects. He brings with him invaluable international business development and leading management team to drive strategic global entities experiences. Throughout his career, he was involved in multiple disciplines from management, sales, marketing, project management to business development. Mr Liew holds an Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore and an MBA from Nanyang Technological University.
Kotaro Hasegawa (Executive Director & Chief Affiliate Management Officer, Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Human Resource Officer)
Mr. Hasegawa was appointed in September 2021 as the Executive Director and the Chief Affiliate Management Officer, responsible for operations, business growth & value enhancement at Portek’s affiliates worldwide, the Chief Administrative Officer in charge of corporate strategy formulation, portfolio management and corporate governance and the Chief Human Resource Officer, responsible for organization reinforcement thorough optimal allocation of diverse human resources. Previously, Mr. Hasegawa worked as the Chief Marketing Officer of Nacala Logistics, which operates ports and railways in Mozambique. Over the past 20 years, he has gained experience in Strategic Planning, Project Development including M&A, Commercial & Marketing and Business Transformation in Port, Railway and IT industry. Mr. Hasegawa holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
Haruhiko Kira (Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer)
Mr Kira was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of the Portek Group on 22nd March 2021. He ensures the financial health of the Portek Group as well as the adequacy of internal and external financial reporting and compliance. Mr Kira has worked for Mitsui since 1998 and he has broad expertise related to Accounting, Tax, Risk management, Investment management and Corporate governance. He also has experience working in China, having worked for Mitsui & Co. (China) Ltd., Mitsui & Co. (Shanghai) Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. (Guangdong) Ltd. for seven years. Mr Kira holds a Bachelor of Management Accounting degree from Kobe University, Japan. He enjoys playing soccer, golf, swimming, running and singing songs (including not only Japanese and also Chinese and English songs).
Takayuki Hori (Non-Executive Director)
Mr Hori has been appointed as a non-executive director of Portek in April 2019. Mr Hori has worked for Mitsui since 1993 and he has broad experience in infrastructure development such as energy, power and logistics infrastructure globally. He is currently the Deputy General Manager of Division I (Asia), Infrastructure Projects Business Unit of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and is responsible for development of infrastructure projects in Asia. Mr Hori holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts from Sophia University, Japan.
Ryo Zushiden (Non-Executive Director)
Mr. Zushiden has been appointed as a non-executive director of Portek in March 2021. He has been working in Mitsui since 1995 and has experience in Mitsui USA (New York) as General Manager, First Project Development Department (Latin America). He also had global assignments as Vice-president, Greenfield Energy Centre (IPP 50% owned by Mitsui), Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Manager, Mitsui de Venezuela. His current position is General Manager of Second Dept. of Division I (Asia) of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and covers development of infrastructure projects in Asia. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Politics from University of Keio, Japan and is fluent in English, Japanese and Spanish(native in each language).