Safety Policy Statement

It is the declared policy of Portek to provide a sustainable Health, Safety and Environmental management system that secures the health, safety and environment in which our employees, visitors and clients carry out their business. We are committed to ensure that our operations are carried out in a manner which ensures the health, safety and environmental conditions of all employees and any other persons who may be affected by our work activities.


Management recognize that, Health, Safety & Environmental, (HSE) matters are of foremost importance and an integral part of business performance, which shall receive priority over all other aspects of business and that management, at all levels, are committed to achieving the highest level of Health, Safety & Environmental performance by means of compliance with all Legal Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Enforcing Authorities Guidance Notes, Industry Best Practice Standards, Corporate, Client, Regional and Local HSE requirements, including continual cost-effective improvement of risk management from our undertakings and the importation of risk from others.


Effective information, instruction, training and supervision of line management shall ensure the implementation of this policy. Line management recognizes that they have a duty to encourage active participation of every employee in achieving and maintaining the highest standards in HSE requirements.


Health, Safety & Environmental compliance and effectiveness shall be monitored through regular audit and inspection. The policy will be reviewed as a minimum on an annual basis and shall also be kept up to date, reflecting any changes in the nature and size of the business and taking into account any changes in legislation with revisions being made as necessary. Any revisions of the policy or company procedure shall be brought to the notice of all employees.


Each employee shall be provided with sufficient and suitable training to ensure the necessary skills and competence to undertake their allocated duties, all plant, tools and equipment provided shall be in good order, meeting with statutory and manufacturer maintenance requirements. Sufficient funds will at all times be made available to meet all reasonable costs in respect of risk management, ensuring that risk is eliminated or reduced the lowest level possible.


Employees will lead by example, always reporting to work fit to undertake their duties, adopting a behavior culture that recognizes the philosophy “all accidents are preventable and no risks shall be taken” behavioral culture, they will comply with all policy and procedure requirements, protect their own Health, Safety & Environment and be held accountable for their HSE performance and behaviors. It is the duty of all employees to report, where identified, risk, damage and non-compliance.