Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

The CEO of Portek, Mr Takao Omori with the various other dignitaries at the cake cutting ceremony.


Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

19th June 2014


Bejaia, Algeria – Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal (“BMT”) commemorated its 10th anniversary on 9th June 2014 with a day of celebrations which included tributes paid to all past and current management team members of BMT and those of its shareholders, Entreprise Portuaire de Bejaia (“EPB”) and Portek.

Amongst the other participants were CEOs of some of the other state-owned Algerian port operating companies and the Chairman and CEO of SOGEPORTS, the state-owned holding company of all Algerian port operating companies.

It was clear to all participants that BMT’s achievements growing its throughput from hardly 40,000 TEUs in 2004 to more than 250,000 TEUs in 2013 (or a compounded annual growth rate of more than 21%), could not have been achieved without the hard work and vision of the various CEOs (and their management teams) of EPB, Portek and BMT throughout the last ten years.

Just as there had been many challenges that had been overcome in the past, many more obstacles lie ahead in BMT’s path. However, BMT remains quietly confident that these too will also be surmounted such that even greater successes may be achieved.

The celebrations concluded with cake cutting ceremony and the traditional birthday song.


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