Portek in Latam: 10 Projects and Counting …



25th October 2012

(Left: Relocation of 2 QCs from Cristobal to Manzanillo after modification in 2007;   Right: Takao Omori, CEO Portek International)


Singapore – Portek has been involved in delivering a full spectrum of engineering services to terminals in Latin America for more than 10 years, with 10 projects accomplished over this time frame.

Portek’s first foray into Latin America started in 1999 with the refurbishment of 2 quayside cranes in Panama, which was followed up by a major project involving the height modification and drive change for 10 rubber-tyred gantry cranes in 2006. Since then, Portek has completed 4 more projects in Panama, 2 projects in Mexico, 1 in Columbia and 1 in Cuba.

Portek’s complete spectrum of engineering expertise was brought to bear, having modified, modernised, mobilised and repaired a total of more than 30 cranes in the region.

Takao Omori, CEO of Portek:

“We continue seeing strong demand to increase capacity of port equipment in the Latin American region in order to accommodate larger vessels. Our objective is to bring our expertise in port management and equipment engineering combined with new financial solutions, to benefit ports in the region, its local community and all stakeholders.“

Portek’s triple M engineering capabilities include the modification, mobilisation and modernisation of container handling port equipment. Portek’s unique combination of port engineering, port management and port information technology expertise has enabled it to quickly gear up the capacity of a terminal, establish its operational infrastructure and build up port throughput within a short time frame.

From its origins as a port equipment engineering specialist in 1988, Portek has now evolved into a one-stop provider of port equipment engineering solutions and an operator of medium-sized terminals around the world.

All projects for reference

1.    Refurbishment of 2 QC in Panama in 1999
2.    Height modification and drive change for 10 RTG in Panama in 2006
3.    Relocation of 3 RTG from Balboa to Ensenada in 2005
4.    Sales of 2 used QC to Progresso in 2005
5.    Sales of 1 used QC to Cristobal in 2005
6.    Repair of 3 damaged QC due to accident in Havana in 2007
7.    Repair of 1 damaged QC due to accident in Columbia in 2006
8.    Sales of 2 used QC to Ensenada in 2007
9.    Modification and relocation of 2 QC from Cristobal to Manzanillo in 2007
10.    Relocation of 2 MHC from Lazaro Cardenas to Manzanillo in 2011

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