PORTEK Is Conferred “People Developer” Certification By SPRING Singapore


PORTEK Is Conferred “People Developer” Certification By SPRING Singapore

18th February 2013


Singapore – Portek International Pte Ltd has been awarded the People Developer certification by SPRING Singapore on 31 January 2013.  The People Developer Standard is a mark conferred by SPRING Singapore, which gives recognition to organisations that invest in their people and have a comprehensive system to manage the development of their people.

It is also the certification for the business excellence niche standard for people and provides organisations with a total approach to managing people and achieving high performance through people systems. It covers five dimensions of excellence, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People and Results. The award was made after an audit was conducted by SPRING Singapore which involved a review of Portek’s human resource practices, Portek’s approach to staff development and the effectiveness of Portek’s training efforts and whether such practices have led to better business results.

Mr Takao Omori, CEO of Portek, commented: “We are delighted by the recognition conferred on us through the People Developer certification. While this serves as a form of validation of our human resource development practices, we also know that we have much work to do in order to continue to fully realise the potential of our people.”


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