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  • Accelerating Growth

Turnkey Port Solutions

From its origins as a port equipment engineering specialist in 1988, Portek is now an operator of medium-sized ports and a one-stop provider of port equipment engineering solutions to ports around the world.

We transform ports in the shortest “time to market”

We are one of the few in world who can seamlessly combine port equipment engineering, port information technology and port management expertise to transform an existing conventional terminal into a high performance container terminal within a short time span (as little as 12 months). We achieve this by equipping the facility with refurbished equipment, applying our proprietary information technology systems and integrating the entire operation from quay to gate.

We understand the port business

Unlike a pure port engineering or IT services provider, we also develop and operate medium sized terminals the world over. We can thus offer you a deeper and more holistic skillset.

We provide optimal solutions that are tailored to your needs

Drawing from our strengths and experiences in engineering, IT and port management, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions which incorporate technical, operational, commercial and environmental factors to our customers.