Algeria – Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal

Through its joint venture with the Algerian Port Authority, L’Enterprise Portuaire De Bejaia, Portek holds a concession to operate Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal (BMT). BMT is the only terminal in Algeria which possesses the ship-to-shore gantry cranes (or QCs) and other infrastructure to effectively handle container traffic. It is also the only container terminal in Algeria with a dedicated installation for refrigerated containers, with assured electrical supply and monitoring services for up to 500 refrigerated containers at any one time. Since its inception, BMT has very quickly ramped up its activities to become the most productive terminal in Algeria.

Type: Container
Maximum Capacity: 300,000 TEUs
Water Depth: 12 metres
Key Shipping
MSC, CMA CGM, Maersk, Condor, Cevital, General Emballage, Soummam, Ifri, Danone, Chiali Profiplast, SGT, Agro Film, Brandt Algerie SPA
Equipment: 2 QCs, 2 Mobile Harbour Cranes, 10 RTGs, 10 Reach Stackers, 12 Empty Container Handlers, 17 Terminal Tractors, 30 Road Trailers, 13 Forklifts
Facilities: 500 metres quay, 8 + 4 hectares container yard with dedicated customs inspection area and dedicated reefer plugging facility
Contacts: Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal
Noveau Quai, Port de Bejaia
BP 549 RP 06000 Bejaia, Algeria
Tel : +213 770 955 407
Fax: +213 34 103 847
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