Technical Consultancy Services

Portek Consultancy Services consist of a whole range of technical consultancy:

  • General
    • Quay and Yard Layout Consultancy and Optimization
      • Being Port Operators ourselves, Portek is very familiar with Port Operations and our team is also very updated with the latest technology and trends in the Industry. Thus, our team can work with our clients to provide consultancy and optimization for proposed layouts.

  • New Equipment
    • New Equipment Specifications
      • Due to our engineering expertise, Portek had been engaged in various global projects to assist our clients to spec their new equipment appropriately.
    • Equipment Tender Review
      • As a neutral third party, Portek had been engaged in various global projects to assist our clients to review equipment tender submissions from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and provide an unbiased and objective evaluation.
    • Equipment Manufacturing Supervision
      • Portek is very familiar with the process of equipment (STS, RTG, RMG, AGV, etc) manufacturing processes and industrial test procedures (NDTs, resistance testing, vibration/thermal checks, etc). Thus, many port operators feel more confident about the equipment they received after Portek supervision during the manufacturing processes, which can include Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Delivery and Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

  • Existing Equipment
    • Equipment Evaluation and Residual Life Assessment
      • Leveraging on our Engineering knowledge and Industrial know-how, Portek often acts as a neutral third party for port operators to evaluate their existing equipment and to have an assessment on the residual lifetime of these equipment. These evaluations can either be the full service (including on-site inspections) or desktop evaluations.
    • Structural Analysis
      • For mobilisation and major modification works, port operators are often concerned on the impacts and effects that these works have on the equipment’s structural integrity. Using our in-house Engineering team, Portek is able to conduct such analysis for our clients and work with the clients to find the best possible means to mitigate such impacts.
    • Failure and Accident Repair Analysis
      • Being a world leader in crane accident repairs, Portek has vast experience in such repairs. By utilising our Engineering knowledge, we are able to carry out a detailed analysis of the issue and to find the root cause of such failures and accidents so that the remedy solution can be best executed.

We believe in using our experience and expertise in port engineering to enable ports to operate at greater productivity.

Boom Stress Check on Various Trolley Positions

Gantry System Stress Check

Gantry Wheel Contract Stress Check

Quay Crane Gusset Plate Stress Check

Quay Crane Loading Operation Stress Check

RTG Sea Transportation Stress Check

RTG Sill Beam Modification Stress Check

Sill Beam Tie Down Stress Check

Crane Maximum Outreach Deformation